JW FAQ is a website with information which you may or may not find useful

This website was established to rebut the articles found on the Frequently Asked Questions section of Jehovah’s Witness’ official website, JW.ORG, which are regrettably full of misinformation and deception.

This website is in no way officially representative of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the reproduction of any materials from JW.ORG is with the express purpose of criticism. Images from JW.ORG will be credited as such, and are included to show how their use within said FAQ articles can serve to further manipulate/deceive the JW.ORG’s readers. Also to make the website less boring.

Whenever JW.ORG or other Watchtower publications are cited/quoted, and where such links exist, links will be provided to the original texts on Watchtower Online Library or JW.ORG. Which means if anything you’ll be getting a nice bump in traffic, Watchtower Lawyer Person Reading This Post.